In the wood working process we use highly advanced production lines constantly modernized. They are fast, highly efficient and automatically controlled.

Our technical capacities allow us to currently process 1,000 m3 of timber per month. This gives us an opportunity to process a total of 12,000 m3 of raw material on an annual basis. We achieved this through the latest computer-programmed planing technology.

Our final product is formed in 3 stages


The sorting of rough timber before it is planed. This two-stage process is done by qualified employees which allows us to meet our customer’s specific requirements and eventaully guarantees the quality of the final product.


Giving timber a final profile according to the customer's needs on our multi-spindle planer. High spindle speed (12,000 rpm) allows to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. Thus, the ready product does not require further processing.


A collection of the final profile, its re-sorting and the control of moisture content as well as the dimensions of the ready product.
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